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#1616sFor16 Series
Previous Releases as 1/2 of Duo Group 'R.E.A.L.'
In 2016, Volatile introduced
the short track series entitled
#1616sFor16 as his first
official solo work.
Series Info: Volatile released
16 16 bar verses over all
original Volatile production
over the course of 2016. The
series resulted in 11 songs
(some with multiple verses)
to make up the 16 verses.
Title: Long Winter [EP]
Release Date: May 31st, 2015
The newest release from Rochester, NY
based hip hop duo "R.E.A.L. (Reality Ends All
Lies)" #LongWinter is a 9 track EP produced
entirely by JD Riggz of High Caliber Music
and is the followup to last year's
#ShortSummer EP. The "Long Winter" title
once again can be interpreted in many ways,
some of which are explained throughout the

All tracks recorded, mixed and mastered by
Volatile at VolatileVox Studio in Rochester,
NY. All tracks written by Jeff "Volatile" Seils,
Steven "Lava" Shannon & features artists.
Album artwork by Volatile. All beats produced
by JD Riggz for High Caliber Music.
Title: Short Summer [EP]
Release Date: July 12th, 2014
The latest release from Rochester, NY based
hip hop duo "R.E.A.L. (Reality Ends All Lies)"
#ShortSummer is a 9 track EP produced
entirely by 1/2 of the duo, Volatile. "Short
Summer" when taken literally, represents the
brevity of the summer season. Also, when
taken figuratively, R.E.A.L. alludes to a "Short
Summer" for those out making sub-par music.

All tracks recorded, mixed and mastered by
Volatile at Spit Sumthin Productions Studio in
Rochester, NY. All tracks written by Jeff
"Volatile" Seils & Steven "Lava" Shannon.
Album artwork by Games (ActLive/Duck
Down). All beats produced by Volatile except
for bonus track "Nights Like This"
Title: Write Bros. Pt. 2 - The Album
Release Date: July 2nd, 2013
"Write Bros. Pt. 2" is the long awaited LP from 585
Hip Hop duo 'R.E.A.L.' and the follow-up to "Write
Bros. Pt. 1" (a mixtape the duo dropped in 2011).
"Write Bros. Pt. 2" features ALL original production
from the likes of J57 (Brown Bag All Stars - NYC),
Rediculus (Knowledge Giving Birth - Chicago, IL),
Sharp (UNcooked Goods), The Kamen Biz, and then
leaves the majority of the project to be handled by the
versatile Volatile (1/2 of R.E.A.L.)

The latest effort from R.E.A.L. bridges the gap
between underground and mainstream sound and
is a true display of the group's versatility. The two
touch on topics ranging from blue collar work ethics
to weekend party and BS. There truly is something
for everyone to relate to on this project. It stretches 21
tracks and packs a standard CD but the project
manages to hold the listener's interest by taking
them on a ride that is both interesting and sincere.
Title: Write Bros. Pt. 1 - The Mixtape
Release Date: June 7th, 2011
Pt. 1 of the Write Bros. series finds Volatile &
Lava tackling some of the latest industry
instrumentals and putting their signature spin
on all of them.

This time around (contrary to their last
mixtape series "Foot In Ass") The duo appear
on every track together (no solos). They also
enlist a great supporting cast including many
local rappers and even enlist a male and
female singer for a couple tracks each (a
sound that was missing from previous
releases). In addition, the fellas enlist 585
host extraordinare
Harvey Who? and 585's
DJ Naps to host the mixtape, which adds
even more flair to the project.
Title: #Vday [Instrumental LP]
Release Date: February 14th, 2012
Happy Valentine’s Day to our
favorite lady... Hip-Hop!

Volatile has released his V-
Day instrumental joint for all
you lovers out there. It’s his
way of expressing his love for
hip-hop while encouraging you
to do the same. Enjoy!
Available on all major streamng services.
"Volatile 16 16s For 16"
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Rochester, NY producer/emcee,
Volatile, presents his debut solo album
"22NDLTTR." The title not only alludes
to one of Volatile's nicknames among
colleagues and fans but also intends to
pay homage to the influential and
legendary Rakim, who often referred to
himself as the 18th letter. The
22NDLTTR album is a reintroduction of
sorts for the multi-talented Volatile, after
spending the past decade as 1/2 the
duo "Reality Ends All Lies." For fans of
lyricism and soulful production,
22NDLTTR will not disappoint. Volatile
also teams up with REKS, Mickey
Factz, Raz Fresco and more to go bar
for bar. Along with 7 self-produced
tracks, 22NDLTTR also features
production by J57, Jon Glass, and
Click here for links to more
places to listen to the album!